✔  Priyanka Beststich has an industry experience of 14 years and owns a premium fashion label “Beststich

✔  Under beststich she has dressed many celebrities

✔  Now she’s founded IIFT, A Digital Fashion Learning Academy and has already mentored over 1000 students across the globe.

✔ Priyanka's work is recognised in top fashion magazines 



5 Days Live, Princess Cut Blouse Work Shop 999 Rs Only



999 Rs Only

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Date - 16th January 2022 to Date - 20th January 2022

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Priya Mumbai 

 How to make a Princess blouse: "Hi mam I don't have words to explain or how much thanks I need to say you .....matha, pitha ,guru theivam in this list you are my guru no doubts about it.....I never admired any one like you I am 33 mom of 2 kids I took life very jolly from my childhood but after 2 kids I thought I should do something to prove myself... I was inspired seeing you how clearly you r teaching...how patiently reply all our questions how dedicated you r.....so though I should learn it completely and make it as my profession....my dream is to become designer need to start my boutique in future...at present I am planning to start readymade blouse through online....please wish and bless me mam....I wish I could see you in my life time atleast once....in online I can learn this much from you means those who take class directly from you are truly blessed.....I have attached my blouse pic.

Raj ajayraj*****@rediffmail.com

Hi Priyanka mam,I have no words to says about you and your teaching....you are out of the world in teaching, patience In reply for all the queries, you replied me many times out of the portion in that class that one quality no where i seen .......from.my first blouse still now I never wasted any fabric by stitching wrongly your teaching is that much perfect......I love you...I love your teaching everything.....I am a proud Priyanka fashion student....I completley recommended you to all ...only doubt for all in taking online class is how to clarify doubts and gets scared what happens if they didn't reply but you are best in that part.....each and every question you reply patiently and how many questions we ask you never hesitated to reply.....again love you mam


I live in the US and I am used to many high quality instructional videos. Ms. Priyanka  is great and easily compares to the best I have every seen. She is extremely professional and organized. I had learnt sewing many years ago when I lived in Bangalore. Due to Covid, I cannot travel back to India and I have no sari blouses left that fit me. So I am going back to sewing to become self-sufficient. I really like how she teaches. She explains everything really clearly and has a great online personality. I am looking forward to completing many projects. Thank you Ms. Priyanka